Dec 31, 2016


とりあえず今年は バルコニー修理騒動 ・騒音問題・ドイツ語試験とたてつづけに問題が多い年でしたが同僚・友人・奥様など周りの方のおかげで昨年よりもきちんとクローズできました。


Dec 30, 2016

I've tried to dispose of garbage in Berlin

I tried to dispose of DVD, Printer ink and electric parts of Smart-phones.

Two BSR exist in Tempelhof, one is BSR Recyclinghof Tempelhofer Weg.

and the other is BSR Berliner Stadtreinigung.

To make long story short, all you need to do is to go "BSR Recyclinghof" to dispose of garbage. I went first to Stadtreinigung, though.

It's very good experience for the person like me, who's good to generate lots of garbage of electrical parts.

it shows the same icons as the ones in BSR's website

Dec 29, 2016

to categorize garbage in Berlin

Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe

I can check the below by input in "Was kann ich wo entsorgen?" searchbox

  • Printer ink : Druckerpatronen
  • DVD : DVD
  • Smartphone : Handy

here is a demo movie.